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Classic glass painting saw its peak in the form of church windows. The passing light, taking on the different colors of the glass, symbolized the presence of god. A beautiful example are the church windows of the 12th and 13th century in the cathedral of Chartres (France), which are famous for their unique blue color.

„Glass Painting“ in the way that Birgit Dopsch practices it has evolved from this original concept. What stayed the same is the magic of the material itself – the powerful colors, its transparency, its changeability through the shifting daylight, and its fragility all combined into one. And what also stayed is a notion of transcendence, when one notices the presence of light through a subtle change of color in the glass.

The Artist works with high-quality Bullseye glass, which offers a variety of extraordinary clear and bright colors. The „painting“ works through the use of a plethora of different materials – glass powder, thin and thick glass panels, glass drops and threads, … and of course glass paint and real silver and gold.

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